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Nov 19, 2018

Amee Yost is proud to be a Nebraska native, born and raised in Omaha. She currently works as the founder of a soon-to-be-named coaching company that helps clients downsize and declutter. Amee blogs about simplicity, decluttering, and community development on Medium. Outside of this, Amee spends much of her time as a mom to two busy grade school aged kids. She is the wife of an entrepreneur who currently operates two startups, Method Mark & PopulusAmee has a passion to serve her neighborhood, friends, and church by building community.

During this episode, Amee and I discuss the challenges of being married to an entrepreneur and how she stays healthy under pressure through the ups and downs. You can check out her advice for entrepreneurial families here or listen to her husband's episode here.

Connect with Amber on Twitter and Instagram. Connect with Ben on Twitter and Instagram.