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Dec 21, 2018

A Social Christmas Carol Under Pressure written by Alexander Lahargoue. 

During this episode, our team at Healthy Under Pressure and Social Assurance are staying healthy under pressure by celebrating the holiday season with a special audio drama. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Full Music Credits can be found...

Dec 17, 2018

Special thanks to the Calorie Control Council for sponsoring this episode. All opinions are my own. 

Hello Friends, Tis the season for the hustle and bustle of the Holidays! During this episode, I provide my personal tips and tricks for how to stay healthy under pressure throughout the holidays. Special events...

Dec 10, 2018

During this episode, Ben and I talk about the increased demand for mental health services on college campuses. I also share my tips for how students can stay healthy under pressure during finals week which include getting:

  • Sleep
  • Eating Regular Meals
  • Physical Activity

This episode also features an interview with UNL...