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Jan 14, 2019

Mozart Dixon was raised in Lincoln, NE and currently serves as the co-Lead planter and pastor of Citylight Lincoln Church. Moe primarily focuses on the vision, leadership development, and city engagement of the church. Outside of this, Moe loves spending his time as the husband to Colleen and father of their 4 children. Moe has a passion to love his family and his city well.

During this episode, Mozart and I spoke about the similarities between startup founders and church planters, how to heal in the midst of tragedy, and how he stays healthy under pressure as a husband, father and leader.

You can connect with Moe and CityLight Lincoln Church on Facebook. Be sure to check out the CityLight Lincoln podcast for sermons from Moe and other pastors at CityLight Lincoln Church.  

Special Thanks to Micah Yost and MethodMark for sponsoring this episode.

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