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Mar 11, 2019

Kelly Bristow is a Registered Dietitian who connects food and nutrition professionals with agriculturalists to create advocates and defenders of modern agriculture. She manages Bayer’s L.E.A.D. Network of dietitians promoting the science behind tools like pesticides and gene editing in today’s food supply. 

Kelly’s background includes one-on-one counseling in an out-patient setting, nutrition education, and school food service.  Her enthusiasm for agriculture grew while working as Nutrition Educator with St. Louis District Dairy Council where she worked alongside dairy farmers supporting teaching consumers about the benefits of dairy.  Kelly’s passion continued to grow while working with a local school district supporting child nutrition through school meals.  Kelly directed the school district’s farm-to-school program where she educated students and members of the community about where food comes from, how food is grown, and the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables. Kelly and her husband live in the city with their three year-old son, Ben. She enjoys cooking, spending time outside, or taking advantage of all the great things the city has to offer! 

During this conversation, I spoke with Kelly about how a supportive team at home and work help her stay under pressure as a busy young professional and mother.

You can connect with Kelly on Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

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